How to Get the Most Out Of Your Bodylastics System

Bodylastics is the innovative new home gym system designed for people with a lot of desire but not a lot of space in their home for a large, space consuming exercise machine. With its moveable door anchor and portable equipment, it is a very efficient and cost effective way to obtain all the benefits of a home gym without all of the clutter.

The Bodylastics system uses lightweight elastic tubes which may be used together to provide a varying level of resistance equivalent to that available with a traditional weight set. This resistance can be increased or decreased as desired by adding or removing tubes, allowing for a more strenuous workout as your muscles begin to gain strength. To exercise the various muscles, it is often simply a matter of moving the door anchor and using a bit of creativity to simulate most of the exercises performed on a fully equipped gym.

To exercise the upper body, the door anchor should be placed over the top of a closable door or another high altitude location. Then, place a chair facing forwards or backwards, grip the handles and pull down, either to the front, behind the head or out to the side. This will work the upper arm muscles. This may also be done by removing the door anchor, standing erect and placing the center of the elastic band under the feet. By pulling the handles to the front and sides the workout potential of barbell weights can be simulated without all of the extra equipment.

The elastic band can also be wrapped around the shoulders while in a push-up position with the handles grasped in the hands to provide extra resistance, allowing for a greater arm muscle workout than is available with a traditional bench press, as body weight must also be considered. One of the greatest advantages to the Bodylastics system is its ability to eliminate the need for excessive pieces of equipment. To simulate squats (again, minus the need for many free weights lying around and cluttering up your exercise space) place the elastic band under your feet, squat down and hold the handles at shoulder level. Then stand erect, pushing against the resistance of the band.

To exercise the legs, place the door anchor underneath a closable door, then attach the elastic band to the ankle straps and the ankle straps to your ankles. To exercise the hamstrings, lay on your stomach facing away from the door and curl your feet up to your buttocks, then relax slowly, again, working against the tension of the band. To work the frontal muscles of the leg, stand facing the door and lift your leg to the side and back. This should be done using a chair to assist in maintaining your balance.

These are only a few of the exercises possible with your Bodylastics system. Be creative! Remember, if you are feeling strain on the muscles that means they are working. Always be careful not to overdo, as this could result in injury; however, by gradually increasing the intensity of your workouts you can obtain a trim, muscular figure at a fraction of the cost of a traditional home gym.

Learn More About The Bodylastics system.

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